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Pulau Indah , P.O BOX 143, 42009 Pelabuhan Kelang , West Malaysia.

Welcome to my web site, design by  Khairul Azrin b. Azman!

 I design this web page for you all to preview and browse it. This web page is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The misuse of this web site for other purposes is strictly prohibited by the owner. I intent to use this web site for research and finding new friends on the web. Please do make yourselft comfortable while browsing my web site. Have a nice day ahead!

Please feel free to contact the webmaster ( Khairul Azrin B. Azman ) regarding about the site content or if you have any enquiries about the site.The webmaster will appreciate any comments or ideas regarding this site. This site will be updated and maintained in the future for further improvement. To write to the webmaster , here is the contact email:-


 (WebMaster: Khairul Azrin B. Azman)

 or you can call at :-    03-41610186   /   014-6265152